*Are you interested in improving the health, morale and energy of your staff? 

*Do long hours prevent you and your staff from maintaining a regular fitness program? 

*Is increasing employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity a priority?

On the job stress can be triggered by company growth, large projects, personality conflicts, and daily competitiveness within an organization.  Physical setbacks such as fatigue, the common cold and carpal tunnel syndrome can further effect the work environment.

According to Statistics Canada, stress in the workplace results in decreased productivity and increased absenteeism (CBC News Report). Companies that added various types of corporate wellness programs reported: 

91% improvement in employee turnover rates

57% decrease in injuries

71% retention of employees

Investing in your staff's wellness helps reduce absenteeism, turnover and health care costs. Incorporating a corporate wellness program is an easy way to enhance the success of your company.

Join the growing number of companies who offer wellness programs and see the positive impact right away! SuzyMari Health & Fitness Studio Corporate Wellness program makes it easy to implement a plan both you and your staff can benefit from. Call us today at             416-895-5129       for your free consultation


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